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AArya Salamat AAbtin –AASAA- was established in 2010 with the purpose of developing the health services and products to cooperation with Iranian and foreign companies. Also we are going to develop or market to foreign countries as an international business strategy. AASAA Corporation is working on Health system engineering, e-Health, mobile health and sales and marketing in health IOT domain and conducting marketing as well as consulting in healthcare area in Iran.


Health Internet of Things


healthcare systems engineering


healthcare practice supported by electronic processes

Startup Accelerator

Accelerating startups and contributing to funding startups

About Holiding

Our holding company (AHS) is a premier provider of information technology services/solutions and Leander in the EPC Turnkey (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Project to the several commercial and government clients in Iran. It has a proven track record providing services in: As a Service Cloud Computing, Integrated Solutions, Cyber Security, Infrastructure/Data Center Services, Call Center/Help Desk, Program Management, Transportation, energy, Application Services, Enterprise reporting and Enterprise Architecture/IT Strategic Planning.


AASAA Activities

  • Collaboration in designing and developing health business models and accelerating process execution

    • Pre-acceleration
    • Acceleration
    • ….
  • Gadget and health devices Distributor (HIOT)

    • Commercialization of health related gadgets in the country
    • Providing value added services in this sector
  • Improving and reengineering the processes of health-related centers (improving hospital productivity, streamlining lean hospital culture, improving patient flow in hospitals, etc.)

  • Design and development of intelligent and electronic systems in Healthcare (medical personalization, electronicization of health systems and processes, development of health related software and applications, value-added mobile services, etc.)

34 Partner companies
7 Successful projects
12 ongoing projects
5 AASAA’s Startups
Address NO 26, North NAFT St, Zafar Ave, Tehran, IRAN
phone 1st line 021-22261653 2nd line 021-22902017 3rd line 021-26645140 4th line 021-26421641 telefax 021-26413851

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contact info E-mail: info@aasaa.net
website Web address : www.aasaa.net